Cafe Paranoia

33 Records are pleased to announce the release of the new album 'Cafe Paranoia' Tina May with the Andy Lutter Trio.
The album is collaboration between Tina the UKs premier jazz vocalist and leading German pianist Andy Lutter.
Recorded in Germany the albums features compositions from Andy Lutter and the lyrics of Mark Murphy and Tina May.

1. Is The Circle Closing. (Haiku)
2. Aiming at the Moon.
3. Formerly known as Moon.
4. Café Paranoia (Haiku)
5. New York Skyline
6. Sleepy People (Haiku)
7. Age Only Matters (Haiku)
8. Less & Less
9. Bop til you Drop.
10. After a Year.
11. Tundraness (Haiku)
12. Put Today with Yesterday (Haiku)
13. If Anybody Asks (Haiku)
14. Don't Fall Apart (Haiku)
15. Dance Slowly.

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'Tina May / Enrico Pieranunzi & Tony Coe - Home Is Where The Heart Is'

Tina's long association with '33' continues with this long awaited collaboration between Tina and one of Europe's greatest pianists, the incomparable Enrico Pieranunzi.
The album features several well-known Pieranunzi compositions that are given lyrics by Tina – including to Chet Baker's original solo on Pieranunzi's 'Night Bird', that the pianist recorded with Baker in the 1970's.
On two numbers, 'Night Bird' and Ellington's 'Day Dream', the Duo are joined by the wonderful Tony Coe on soprano saxophone.
"'Home Is Where The Heart Is' plays with the concept of mother tongue…..it ventures out into new territory and experience. So precise is the writing and so intuitive the performance that every song finds its way home, in the deepest way." Brian Morton

featuring: Tina May - Vocals
Enrico Pieranunzi - Piano
Tony Coe - Saxophone

Don't forget the Poet, Please (Don't forget the Poet) - Pieranunzi / May
A Nameless Gate - Pieranunzi
The Night Bird (Night Bird) - Pieranunzi / May
With Every Smile of Yours (O! Le Feu dans tes Yeux) - Pieranunzi / May
Within the Hush of Night (Within the House of Night) - Pieranunzi / May
I Took Your Hand in Mine (Fellini's Waltz) - Pieranunzi / Feather
Day Dream - Ellington / Strayhorn
Home Is Where the Heart Is (Distance from Departure) - Pieranunzi / May
This Is New - Weill / Gershwin

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'My Kinda Love'

"Real jazz singers flourish in the company of good jazz musicians, and Tina May is a real jazz singer. She can sing a straight melody, such as I'm Through with Love, and make it open like a flower. She can swing effortlessly and invent a wordless scat chorus as tricky as anything her fellow musicians can deliver. And, led by saxophonist and arranger Frank Griffiths, they are among the best you will find anywhere. There's nothing obvious or showy about these 12 performances, but as a demonstration of sheer all-round mastery of the jazz idiom, they would be hard to beat."

featuring: John Pearce, Ian Laws, Nicol Thomson, Freddie Gavita, Sammy Mayne, Duncan Lamont, Janusz Carmello, The Bowfiddle String Quartet. Arranged by Frank Griffith

Released on Hep Jazz. CD2101.

My Kinda Love
Lazy Afternoon
Where Were You in April
I Wish I Knew
A Sunday Kind of Love
If You Go
An Occasional Man
Haunted Heart
You Came a Long Way From St Louis
Manhattan in the Rain
I'm Through With Love

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A collection of songs from some of the worlds great past divas.
"They created the ambience, the atmosphere that surrounds each one".
Tina May

Tina May - vocals
Winston Clifford - vocals
John Pearce - piano
Dave Cliff - guitar
Freddie Gavita - trumpet
Adrian Fry - trombone
Frank Griffith - tenor sax, clarinet
Bob Martin - alto saxophone
Andy Cleyndert - double bass
Bobby Worth - drums

1. Why Don't You Do Right
2. There's A Lull In My Life
3. Forgetful
4. Can't Get Out Of This Mood
5. When The World WAs Young
6. Where You At
7. Surabaya Johnny
8. Baltimore Oriole
9. Let's Get Lost
10. You Don't Know What Love Is
11. All Through The Night

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"Tina May waited a long time to record this collection of songs associated with great female singers of the last century - Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Lotte Lenya, Edith Piaf et al - but it was worth it. Not only has her own singing matured, she has found the perfect arranger for the job in Frank Griffiths. To each of these dozen pieces she succeeds in imparting a delicate flavour of the original while remaining her inimitable self. Her version of Peggy Lee's Why Don't You Do Right? is particularly good, aided by Griffiths's beautifully poised clarinet."
Dave Gelly. The Observer.

'No More Hanky Panky'

This is a long awaited follow up to the highly successful album 'Live in Paris' (33JAZZ055) which was released on '33'. Again this new album features Tina's regular French based group co-led by the wonderful pianist Patrick Villanueva. The album also has the added bonus of featuring a guest appearance by the legendary Marcel Zanini.

Tina May Paris Quintet Tina May - vocals
Patrick Villanueva - piano
Pierre Maingourd - double bass
Vincent Cordelette - drums
Pascal Gaubert - tenor saxophone
With special guests:
Marcel Zanini on track10 and 11
Pauline Atlan on 'Tu veux Ou Tu Veux pas!'

1. Around the World. (Cheesecake) - Dexter Gordon/Tina May
2. Dansez sur Moi - N.Hefti/C.Nougaro
3. No More Hanky Panky. ( Hanky Panky) - Dexter Gordon/Tina May
4. Chillin' - P. Chambers/R. Mackin
5. My Ship - K. Weil/I. Gershwin from 'Lady in the Dark'
6. This is New - K. Weil/I. Gershwin from 'Lady in the Dark'
7. Waiting for the Breeze - Pascal Gaubert/ Tina May
8. My Little Sherri - C. Rouse/Ben Sidran
9. Well, so long - Patrick Villanueva/ Tina May (The legendary Marcel Zanini arrives!)
10.Tu peux compter sur moi. (You can depend on me) duet with Marcel Zanini.
11.Tu veux Ou Tu Veux pas? Ensemble with Pauline Atlan and Marcel Zanini.
12. My Ship. (bonus track) featuring Pascal Gaubert

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"With would-be jazz singers appearing daily out of the woodwork, the occasional album from Tina May comes as a particular treat. Along with her other talents, such as writing witty lyrics to established jazz tunes in both English and French – she possesses the basic but invaluable gift of swing. Among these dozen numbers is an almost throwaway version of "You Can Depend on Me", sung as a duet with veteran French star Marcel Zanini, which is simply immaculate in this respect. The Paris-based band is most impressive, especially pianist Patrick Villanueva and saxophonist Pascal Gaubert."
Dave Gelly. The Observer.

Tina May Sings Piaf

Tina May - vocals
Nikki Iles - piano
Karen Street - accordeon
Julie Wilkington - double bass

1. J'Attendrai/Au Revoir
2. Sous le Ciel de Paris
3. Les Feuilles Mortes
4. Mon Menage ´a Moi
5. Si tu Partais / If You Go
6. l'Accord´eoniste
7. L'Hymne ´a l'Amour / If You Love me
8. C'est ´a Hambourg
9. La Gaulante du Pauvre Jean
10. La Vie en Rose
11. Milard
12. Lovers For A Day
13. Mon Homme
14. Non, Je Ne Regriette Rien

recorded at Red Gables Studios. 2010

I Never Told You

For musical taste, delicacy of interpretation and presentational flair Tina May has always been a hard act to follow. She is also completely at home in jazz, which isn't as common among high-profile singers as you might think. The way she negotiates Clifford Brown's "Daahoud" (here retitled "Beloved") demonstrates that. Her choice of songs is as hip as anyone could wish, including pieces by Kenny Wheeler, Oliver Nelson and Horace Silver. With the immaculate piano of Nikki Iles and occasional touches of tenor saxophone from Karen Sharp, this is a delight.

Tina May - vocals
Nikki Iles - piano
Phil Donkin - bass
Stephen Keogh - drums
with guest  Karen Sharp - saxophone

(real player required)

1. Lucky To Be Me
2. In Your Own Sweet Way
3. Si Tu Partais/If You Go
4. Beloved
5. When You Wish Upon A Star
6. Body and Soul
7. Peace
8. Speak Low
9. Sweet Dulcinea
10. Stolen Moments
11. I Never Told You

recorded at Red Gables.
25th March 2009

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Tina May has long been one of the top jazz singers in Great Britain. She has the ability to take a well known song, make a few subtle changes, and have it sound like a new composition. As with Rose Colella and Trisha O'Brien, she has very good taste in songs. On I Never Told You she performs such numbers as Dave Brubeck's “In Your Own Sweet Way” (which is not sung very often), Horace Silver's “Peace,” “Lucky To Be Me” and the Johnny Mandel title cut with confidence and ease. She is a superior scat-singer, but even when she sings a song fairly straight, her phrasing and enthusiasm make the number into a special event. Joined by pianist Nikki Iles, bassist Phil Donkin, drummer Stephen Keogh and tenor-saxophonist Karen Sharp, Tina May shows that she is a singer who should be much better known in the United States. I Never Told You, gives listeners a strong sampling of her musical talents.

Tina - vocals
Frank Harrison - piano
Mark Hodgson - bass
Stephen Keogh - drums
1. A Flower Is A Lovely Thing
2. Beloved
3 I Keep Going Back To Joe's
4. Moonlight
5. Lazy afternoon
6. Tea For Two
7. Si Tu Partais
8. Sometimes I'm Happy
9. Body And Soul

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